Do you know why buying a home is cheaper than renting?

People expect renting a home to be less expensive than owning. But it’s cheaper to own in 42 states. Renting is a better deal in just eight states plus D.C.

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In the long run, renting has never been cheaper than owning a home. During the long historical run-up of home prices, it was always initially cheaper to rent than to buy, but with fixed-rate mortgages which lock in a homebuyer’s principal and interest (P & I) payment, mortgage payments stayed flat while rents just kept going up and up.

In some markets, like San Francisco and Seattle, rents have risen sharply; rising rents hurt affordability relative to incomes, but rising rents make buying look cheaper in comparison. Trulia says that at a 30-year fixed rate of 4.5%, buying is 38% cheaper than renting nationally, versus being 44% cheaper at the start of 2013.

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Buying a Home Is Cheaper Than Renting in the Majority of the US. The least affordable market for renting was Marin County, CA, just over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, where renters spend a staggering 79.5% of average wages on rent, while the most affordable market was Madison County, AL where 22.3% of average wages went to rent.

In the long run buying a home is usually better value than renting. Despite the large upfront costs that come with paying a deposit, legal and mortgage set up fees, and the fact that mortgage.

If you're renting and considering buying a home, this guide will help you calculate. The best way to know whether buying or renting is the better situation; the individual. At some points in time it is cheap to buy in one part of the country and.

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