Fannie Mae delays foreclosures 45 days for Hardest Hit Fund programs

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Investor Update: On October 24, Fannie Mae released an update entitled servicing guide lender letter LL-2012-08: Hardest-Hit Fund Consolidated Guidance. To: All Fannie Mae Single-Family Servicers Hardest-Hit Fund Consolidated Guidance This Lender Letter consolidates previously issued guidance relating to Hardest-Hit Fund (HHF) programs that are administered by state Housing Finance Agencies.

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 · End of government mortgage relief programs. posted: 1:52 pm, where foreclosure rates are still high.. Another component to the MHA is the Hardest Hit Fund.

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However, the new changes in the Hardest Hit Fund programs don’t expose the FHFA supervised Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to financial loss. The money for the program will be funded by state run Hardest Hit Funds. This is good news for a few underwater borrowers in financial hardship, in a limited number of states.

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TO: All Fannie Mae Single-Family Servicers. Making Home Affordable: Further Guidance on Interactions with Hardest-Hit Fund Unemployment and Reinstatement Programs . Introduction. This Lender Letter (LL-2011-01R) is a reissuance of Lender Letter LL-2011-01, which was originally issued on January 18, 2011.

Fannie Mae delays foreclosures 45 days for Hardest Hit Fund programs Fannie Mae expects full participation in HUD unemployment program Jon Prior was a reporter with HousingWire through late 2012.

Fannie Mae delays foreclosures 45 days for Hardest Hit Fund programs On September 12, fannie mae issued servicing guide Lender Letter LL-2012-06, which requires servicers to accept funds provided on behalf of a borrower under a state housing finance agency Hardest Hit Fund (HHF) modification assistance program.

Fannie Mae delays foreclosures 45 days for Hardest Hit Fund programs; Can Quicken Loans save Detroit? Past MBA Chairman David Kittle joins Interthinx; Categories. Mortgage Brokers;

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Stay in your home and avoid foreclosure How does it work? If you qualify for a Repayment Plan, typically your past-due amount will be spread out over a set time frame (e.g., 3, 6, 9 months) and added on to your existing mortgage payments.

Hardest Hit Funds. As the U.S. housing market faced its deepest downturn in decades, President Barack Obama in 2010 launched the Hardest Hit Fund. The program devoted $7.6 billion to 18 states and the District of Columbia. California got the biggest.