Multifamily housing bubble may be in the future

That has some realtors and economists worried that the city may be in a small housing bubble, driven by demand, rather than an oversupply of credit as in 2007. "I think we’re in a little bit of a bubble," said Somers, who expects the market to cool as new apartments and condos come online in the near future.

Will another housing bubble bring down the U.S. economy?. London Stock Exchange Places $27 Billion Bet on a Data-Driven Future.. Offers may be subject to change without notice.

During the recovery from the housing bubble collapse, construction of new multifamily housing rebounded strongly, with 2017 spending coming in at 3.8 times the amount spent in the 2010 trough. While this relative boom might give the impression that the rental market is currently overflowing with a glut of brand new units, the recent spike.

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While the multifamily housing is not near bubble status, it would be wise to adapt to the changing cycle. The biggest risk to the multifamily sector, like any sector, is the macroeconomic environment. If the economy weakens materially, multifamily is vulnerable.

A housing bubble (or a housing price bubble) is one of several types of asset price bubbles which from time to time occur in the market. The basic concept of a housing bubble is the same as for other asset bubbles, consisting of two main phases. First there is a period where house prices increase dramatically, driven more and more by speculation.

Demographics, affordability, and attitudes towards ownership continue to suggest that the American Dream’ no longer requires homeownership. This large cohort of renters may shift out of.

for transforming the 93-year-old City Hall that “may incorporate elements of commercial/retail, co-working space, community.

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In June, I wrote that longer dated US treasuries, which were arguably the most "frowned upon" major investment class "may prove the best. stop the slowdown in the housing market. There is no sign.

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But as a result, Chief Economist Jonathan Smoke said, “It is highly likely that the less severe winter may have pulled. would start to outpace multi-family growth in 2016, but an actual.