CoreLogic chat shows short sale fraud evolving in unexpected ways

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CoreLogic delivers ABN AMRO from the burden of fraud risk management. Before they started with CoreLogic’s LoanSafe, ABN Amro had to pay for twice as many AVMs to weed out the risky loans coming in their doors. Their existing collateral risk assessment system was effective, but it was costly. ABN Amro knew they could do better.

Today, 3.7 percent of short sale transactions involve suspicious activity, according to CoreLogic data. The highest rates of such suspicious activity are centered in California, Florida, Arizona, and Nevada, according to CoreLogic. Source: "CoreLogic Chat shows short sale fraud Evolving in Unexpected Ways," HousingWire

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Only CoreLogic RP Data clients have access to this page.. Important note: If your recent sales results are displayed in RP Data Professional, this will be used for all reports, searches and results. This page is strictly used as a snapshot of recent sales across suburbs within a postcode.

CoreLogic closely follows short sale fraud and has done so since the practice began to grow in popularity after the housing bust. Two years ago the mortgage data provider warned that fraudulent.

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