Blackstone to sell bonds backed by lease payments

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the creative engineers at Blackstone devised a plan to securitize the portfolio by selling bonds backed by the rentals, where monthly payments from over 3200 properties are used to service $479.

Blackstone Group LP, which has the largest single-family rental business in the nation, is planning to sell bonds backed by lease payments to take advantage of rebounding home prices and a rising.

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These new securities, backed. bond, named “Invitation Homes 2013-SFR1.” Basically, Blackstone took out mortgages with the banks on 3,207 of its rental properties, in exchange for $479 million in.

Spain is showing signs of pulling itself out of recession as foreign investors return to its bond, stock and property. many as 200,000 homes to rent. Blackstone is now attempting to sell debt.

Blackstone to Sell Bonds Backed by Lease Payments (Courtesy of Bloomberg News): The private-equity firm is now planning to sell bonds backed by lease payments, the latest step in turning a small business into a mature industry.

Sales of bonds. container lease payments by $50 million to $200 million, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. An A rated 0 million portion maturing in five years priced to yield 5 percent..

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Tesla’s low-end electric vehicle (priced to sell at $35,000). Investors in Tesla’s asset-backed bonds make money off of the lease payments of the vehicles and then on the resale value of the car..

The originator of the leases transfers them in a “true-sale” to a special purpose entity (SPE), which, in turn, issues securities backed by those leases and lease payments. The SPE may be a corporation, a trust, a limited liability company (LLC), or a partnership, the choice of organizational entity often being decided by tax or accounting considerations.

Sprint’s announcement said it is selling 14 percent. 3.5 billion worth of bonds issued privately by the subsidiaries. The subsidiaries will lease the spectrum back to Sprint so it will be able to.

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The bonds are payable exclusively from the lease payments. In the event the company defaults on its lease payments, the bondholders have claims only on the factory. The city has no obligation for the bonds other than to transmit to the bondholders the lease payments that it receives from the company.