Can mortgage technology help lenders drive purchase business?

Ali Solis – Ongoing Need in Affordable Housing 3 policy tools trump Needs to Promote Affordable Housing By Ali Solis, The Hill, November 29, 2016 Our nation’s housing is in a state of crisis. What should be the sanctuary where families find refuge and strength is for too many a source of toxic stress and instability. It is not only affecting cities but rural America as well.

Mortgage technology is business software for lenders and servicers, including loan origination systems, servicing systems, electronic documents and signatures.. New legislation in Iowa that allows banks and credit unions to utilize electronic notaries could help local lenders compete with.

Mortgage lenders: These are companies that lend money to a borrower to purchase a home and set the terms of the mortgage, including interest rates, term, conditions, repayment schedule and lending.

CardHub: Credit card default at 29-year low BofA pays $1.3 billion to Fannie, Freddie for foreclosure delays Bank of America | – Bank of America shares fell 1.1 percent to close at $14.64 on the New york stock exchange following news of the lawsuits, which were filed late in the afternoon. Bank of America had warned in a securities filing on Thursday about possible new civil charges linked to a sale of one or two mortgage bonds.

ST. LOUIS, April 26 /PRNewswire/ — dataverify today announced features available through its breakthrough DRIVE technology to help mortgage lenders nationwide comply with a host of new Fannie Mae.

A SunTrust business banker can help you choose the right commercial mortgage lending solution for your growing business. Call 877.370.5108 for more detail about your available options. Looking for a more flexible financing option? Learn how SBA 504 loans could be a great alternative to a commercial mortgage loan.

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loans through the secondary mortgage market. A bank engaged in mortgage banking may retain or sell loans it originates or purchases from affiliates, brokers, or correspondents. The bank may also retain or sell the servicing on the loans. Through mortgage banking, banks can participate in any combination of these activities.

Technology drives business. New software and tech platforms are produced to keep up with the demands of the consumer, but also help make the lives of industry professionals easier. If LOs and lenders embrace new mortgage technology, you can keep up with the competition, accelerate business growth, and serve your clients well. Here are some incentives:

This phenomenon has been buoyed by auto dealers trying to continue a strong sales rebound after years of weak sales and by securities investors who buy bonds backed by those loans and see. “Yes the.

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 · 4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Drive Mortgage Lending. Purchase intent can be directly inferred with search engine marketing. Third-party data and audience segments are available to target consumers exhibiting home-buying interest with display ads – e.g., running geo-targeted ads on a site like Zillow.. These mechanisms can help you.

How Consumer Direct and Retail Lenders Can Prepare for Purchase Growth. As interest rates increase, however, there will be fewer refinances and single family mortgage originations, so competition among consumer direct and retail lenders will be more heated. This means, mortgage lenders will need to work smarter, investing in mortgage marketing and sales technology to compete and grow.