Mel Watt nomination means ‘status quo’ for the mortgage industry

Far more consequential was a similar announcement by Mel Watt, chief of the agency that. interest groups that supported the pre-crisis status quo – real estate agents, low-income housing advocates.

Earlier this month, partisan opponents in the Senate blocked the nomination of Rep. Mel Watt to become the new head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), which regulates the government-backed mortgage finance firms and has broad power to make meaningful policy changes. At the moment, the acting head of FHFA is Ed DeMarco,

Roadhouse Blues - Preservation - 2011-09-24 The Mortgage Bankers Association seems to be "romancing" Mel Watt with its self-serving welcoming, indicating the association’s agenda and for its members and the big banks which own them.

But they also mean. director mel watt, who oversees the mortgage giants, for less-strict mortgage underwriting guidelines. Finding a way out of this impasse will not be easy-and may, indeed, be.

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Were Fannie, Freddie Negotiations Done in Good Faith? The battle over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is heating up, which means this man will be very busy answering questions for the foreseeable.

Would keeping the status quo be so bad? A compromise that would settle the future of Fannie and Freddie once and for all along the lines of Johnson-Crapo would be a more optimal outcome, in large part because it would provide a permanent solution for the housing industry which has lived with uncertainty since the 2008 financial crisis erupted.

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At a hearing to consider his nomination as President of Ginnie Mae, Michael Bright, told the Senate Banking Committee that he would continue to work on modernizing the agency and ensuring the.

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Housing Wire – "Mel Watt nomination means ‘status quo’ for the mortgage industry" (12-11-13) "With Mel Watt now confirmed to take over Ed DeMarco’s director position at the Federal Housing Finance Agency, many mortgage industry watchers are expecting everything to stay very much the same."