7 cities not foreign to the words twister, cyclone, tornado

But "rare" of course does not mean "non-existent," and more than a century ago, a bustling Prairie capital was the scene of the nation’s highest tornado death toll. YMCA, after the June 30, 1912.

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Tornadoes are not crystal clear but are dense due to the garbage and dust in them and can be easily seen. In other words, we can define tornado as a rotating column of air that touches the clouds from the earth surface. Tornadoes are regarded as uneven weather conditions and often are referred as storm by people.

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The word. tornado in 1951. The twister started as a waterspout and gained strength and intensity as it struck land and killed an estimated 500 people. Other details concerning the incident are not.

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Tornado A tornado approaching Elie, Manitoba in Canada. Often referred to a twister or cyclone, a tornado is a rapidly rotating column of air that forms from the base of a cumulonimbus cloud and reaches down to the ground. It forms different shapes and sizes, but it is typically in the form of a funnel.